Excel Nation is Alive!

by Matt Mickle on August 25, 2021
This is the first official blog post on the Excel Nation website.

Greetings!  This is the first official blog post of the website: ExcelNation.net.  If you’re reading this then the website launch was a smashing success.  My name is Matt Mickle and I’m an Excel enthusiast, who not so long ago had never heard of the little thing called a spreadsheet, that has become such a vital part of my day to day life.  As I think back, I can’t quite recall when I first opened a spreadsheet or entered data into the magical grid that I now call home, but I do remember being asked to perform a routine task that involved the sum function.  This ordinary task was my ‘rabbit hole’ into the world of Excel.  I was perplexed by how a software application could take numerical information and summarize it with such ease.  It wasn’t long after, that I got to wondering what else this little program could accomplish. 

In short order, I bought the first of many Excel reference books.  I can visualize the white and green cover of the book as I type, it was called: ‘Excel 2007: The Missing Manual’ and it literally changed my life.  I consumed this 500-page behemoth in a single weekend and after that I was never the same.  It was this moment that my eyes opened to the business world and it’s many puzzles.  After, reading this book I began asking questions on the MrExcel Forum and before long I found that I had a knack for formulas as well as Visual Basic Code.  With this new skill set I found a great passion, that has made all the difference.  Being good with Excel has not only skyrocketed my confidence but my career along with it. 

This website is meant to be a place for me to share my passion for Excel with the masses.  I hope that you find what you’re looking for and much more.


The only reason this project is possible is because of the hard work and dedication of my good friend Rob Scott.  A developer by trade, but a saint by nature, Rob has taken my vision and transformed it into a piece of art.  He’s stayed the course through revision after revision and connected my disparate and fleeting ideas into something of substance.  Thank you, brother!

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